What Am I Doing?

So let me introduce myself. People call me Mary so I’ll stick with that. I have three grown kids, 7 grandkids and fur babies (lame I know but it’s true). As a child, I always dreamed about doing two things, being a veterinarian or a caterer. I have worked my whole adult life in a job I never thought I would. Let’s just say it was NOT either of my childhood dream jobs.

So here I am in 2021 blogging and going to school for culinary arts. Im still not quite sure what this whole blogging thing is but I do know I LOVE FOOD. I love making food for family and friends.

So welcome, sit back and enjoy the ride. I’m not sure how its going to turn out, but it sure is going to be yummy!!

Latest from the Blog

A bit over my head?!?

Well Miss glass half full took a sebaticle and Mrs what am I doing showed up. I have never poached anything really. I have boiled chicken for salad and that’s the extent of it. Rubbery chicken salad that had no real zest or flavor. So, week 8 of school is – you guessed it poaching.Continue reading “A bit over my head?!?”

Ooo LaLa

Let me start off by mentioning, this hearty and delicious soup is easily one of my all time favorite dishes! This weeks assigment was to create a perfect brown stock and FRENCH ONION SOUP! Just a quick history lesson on this heart warming dish. The modern version of koi soup originates in Paris, France in the 18thContinue reading “Ooo LaLa”

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