Things that make you go hmmmm!

Funny thing about culinary arts is that when you enroll your all like “Gordon Ramsey eat your heart out buddy -there is a new Chef in town!” As a student you get to wear the chefs hat and coat and spend your time cooking…Am I right?

So last class discussion, first thing out of Chefs mouth is… “welcome to week 9, I bet the fantasy that it’s all about food has worn off” Can I get an Amen! Why yes it has!

In these 9 weeks, it turned out to be much more. It’s been frustrating, stressful and so very fulfilling! I have learned so much fundamentals basic 101 stuff. I’m comfortable using a very sharp knife. I can almost cut perfect Batonnet vegtables. I have totally kicked up my sauce and flavor combination and I have learned basic conversions. Go Me! What I didnt quite expect is having to take a look to see what motivates me.

I thought I already had all the answers to that simple question that turned out a bit more difficult to answer. My dream of course, this was what I always wanted to do! Now I’m starting over at 53 in school- what am I going to do with the degree when it’s all said and done? Do I just walk around with an associates degree to say I have one or do I actually put it to use? WHAT IS MY MOTIVATION PEOPLE?????

Here are 6 things that motivate folks.


2. Responsiblity

3. Recognition

4. The work itself

5. Advancement

6. Money

After chef posed these to us and asked us to rate them I had to actually sit back and go hmmmm.

Clearly money wasn’t a thing until I started to realize, I’m gonna have student loan debt what am I working toward here? Imagine my quandendrum. The work itself is my #1 . I LOVE TO SHOW LOVE through food! Coming to my house for lunch isnt just just the basics believe you me! It could possibly mean a Surf and turf Charcuterie or a lovely salad with an array of fresh vegtables to a hearty clubhouse sammie and homemade chips. I take great pride in making sure comfort and hospitality are also on the menu. What can I say I’m a people person.

Number 2 would be recognition. Who doesnt like to hear a job well done? I’m happy to hear “this is so good”, Thank you or simply happy tummy sigh. My all time favorite though is one of my favorite little people wrapping their arms around my neck saying “oma, this is the best… ever” that makes everything worthwhile.

3.Achievment- I know that the motivators are more geared toward working in a more “professional environment” but stepping out of my comfort zone and trying new techniques and foods I would never ever consider serving is an achievement all in itself. I mean seriously I would have never thought of serving poached anything to my family and I did! They loved it and it’s now a definite do over in my recipe arsenal. That’s an achievement win – win in my book!

Where exactly or how would responsiblity, advancement and money really fit in at this point? I decided that Responsibility would be next, I have a responsibility as a responsible adult to pay my bill’s (particularly student loans) so how can I be a responsible adult…why starting my own business and going further into debt of course! Learning management skills is part of culinary arts training as well as math, menu planning, safety and science to name a few just for starters.

It has my mind spinning! I mean seriously, what can I do to accomplish the last two and still follow my values and be responsible while advancing forward and making money? Start small, while I am in school. Build a portfolio, practice practice practice! Network and get some kitchen experience. Keep a vision board to remind me of my why. Work hard and host some events for my inner circle. There is a start to maybe someday really having a career and my dream job in the culinary world.

I’m back to being excited!

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I'm on a new adventure. 53 years old starting a blog and culinary arts.

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