A bit over my head?!?

Well Miss glass half full took a sebaticle and Mrs what am I doing showed up. I have never poached anything really. I have boiled chicken for salad and that’s the extent of it. Rubbery chicken salad that had no real zest or flavor. So, week 8 of school is – you guessed it poaching. I got frustrated because it took forever (or at least I thought so) The sauce didn’t emulsify and I had to do it over. Arrrggghhhh what and I getting myself into. I should be on worst cooks of America!!!! I quit!!!!!

Mistakes are lessons learned. Thank you God for do overs and being a chicken breast hoarder (I’ll explain that whole thing later) I took a breather and watched the instructional video in archives and created a mouth watering dish. Yep I did it and lesson learned it takes time! Don’t rush things! Good things DO come to those who wait!

It turned out amazing! So good in fact I made fish using the same method. Oh boy, Miss half full has returned! I got this. My point being dont give up on your dreams. Take a breath you got this.

Published by marywillman431

I'm on a new adventure. 53 years old starting a blog and culinary arts.

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