An old dog CAN learn new tricks!

Boy oh boy, I never thought I would revisit the metric system. Here I am doing just that!!

YIKES! Years ago, I remember when the conversion process was a part of our school syllabus. Needless to say it really wasn’t successful.

Imagine my surprise I found out that was part if my Culinary adventure. An instant sense of panic set in. I TRIED THIS AND I FAILED MISERABLY. After my little melt down, I sat down and read what exactly I would be doing. Again, imagine my surprise when I was thinking…humm I CAN MAYBE DO THIS! I kept hearing my mothers voice saying “just apply yourself”. Lesson learned mom – time to just do it! I would love to say that there was some huge ephinay, there wasn’t. I learned exactly what tenasity meant. I’m blessed that my son and S.O. has a tremendous amount of patience with my melt downs…how many teaspoons are in a tablespoon. .. how many pints are in 9 gallons…. I just want to make food! What did I get myself into. “Mom, calm down… you got this”!! Who wants to hear all that encouragement and nothing like your kid throwing your words back at you. “Relax, you are going to have to learn this stuff… walk me through it” you can do it”my kid said to me. Wow son, that is the most profoundly motivating words of wisdom I ever heard ( yep, that was our mantra for years through his education)!! These two men made FLASH cards, had me show them how to convert teaspoons to tablespoons and pints to gallons.

I did it! With the love and support of my loved ones I DID IT!

Go figure an old dog can learn new tricks!

Published by marywillman431

I'm on a new adventure. 53 years old starting a blog and culinary arts.

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